Dawn Hajittofi
Bottle - Jade/Blue/Grey/Turquoise
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H22 x W10.5cm
Vessel - Grey/Blue/Black/Pink
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H20 x W13cm
Bottle - Blue/Black/Pink/Green
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H23 x W12cm
Vessel - Black/Blue/Pink
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H17 x W13cm
Bottle - Black/Blue/Green/Pink
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H20 x W10.5cm
Vessel - Jade/Turquoise/Orange
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H18.5 x W12.5cm
Bottle - Yellow/Black/Blue/Green
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H18.5 x W10.5cm
Bottle - Black/Blue/Pink/Green
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H18 x W14cm
Bottle - Black/Yellow/Green
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H17 x W8cm
Bottle - Blue/Black/Turquoise/Green
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H12 x W10cm
Bottle - Jade/Grey/Black/Turquoise
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H10.5 x W 10cm
Bottle - Yellow/Black/Green
Thrown and Altered White Earthenware
H12 x W10.5cm
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- Artist statement -

Dawn discovered a love for clay in her teens and always wanted to be a maker. Life ultimately took her along
a different path but she continued to be drawn back to working with clay. Eventually she studied at Havering college and then UCA Farnham and was finally able to pursue her original passion and became a full-time maker in 2019.  
Having been involved with pastoral care and counselling over many years, Dawn is aware of how the events of life impact and alter us, sometimes changing us forever.  She believes that, however marked and imperfect we are, we can still be beautiful and every life is valuable.  Each piece she makes represents a life story.  

Dawn throws various forms using white earthenware clay. The altered forms and indentations acknowledge the knocks and scars collected through life. She continues to layer spontaneous marks in coloured slip to symbolise unforgettable moments and experiences that last a lifetime. Glaze is applied randomly to allow a contrasting surface of both the rough and smooth. Finally, she adds gilt which references 'Kintsugi' the Japanese art of mending a broken vessel with gold, restoring it to become precious once again. This is a much-loved metaphor for our own lives, a reminder to stay hopeful when things fall apart and to celebrate all that we overcome.

'Kintsugi is not the art of erasure – the invisible mend, the erasing
of a mistake – but rather the marking of a loss.’
Edmund de Waal
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