HJ Jackson
On the Shingle Bank.jpg
Linocut - Framed
Mount size 6 x 14cm
On the Shingle Bank
Linocut - Framed
Imaget size 44.5 x 41cm
Linocut - Framed
Image size 6 x 14cm
Floats, Ropes and Reflections.jpg
Shimmering Light.jpg
Shimmering Light
Linocut - Framed
Image size 28 x 51cm
Linocut - Framed
Image Size 28 x 51cm
Floats, Ropes and Reflections
Linocut - Framed
Image size 23 x 35.5cm
Empty Boxes.jpg
Beached Three.jpg
Beached Three
Linocut - Framed
Image size 69 x 388cm
Empty Boxes
Linocut - Framed
Image size 40.5 x 53.5cm
Safe Mooring II.jpg
The Blue Mizzen.jpg
Wheelhouse LT1
Linocut - Mounted
Image size 23 x 51cm
Safe Mooring II
Linocut - Framed
Image Size 28 x 51cm
The Blue Mizzen
Linocut - Framed
Image size 23  x 35.5cm
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- Artist statement -

Born in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, in 1938, H.J.Jackson (John to his friends) cut his first lino block during his last year at school in 1953. The small print earned him a place at Norwich Art School. He obtained a National Diploma in Graphic Design and subsequently worked in Marketing and Publicity, printmaking during evenings and weekends. Since 1995 he has pursued printmaking full time.

Working from photographic reference, John produces a drawing to the size of the proposed print. He then plans the number of lino blocks needed, some printing more than one colour.  The drawing is photocopied onto tracing paper, reversed and transferred using carbon onto the lino. With drawing ink, he identifies the areas to be retained before cutting using only two tools: a V tool and a small gauge. The different blocks are printed using oil based inks and pin-hole registration. The printing is carried out entirely by hand, burnishing using a tobacco tin.

The declining fishing industry features strongly in John’s work and he likes his boats to look as if they have been to sea. The multiple layers of ink result in a ‘treacly’ appearance which helps to gives them the look of working vessels.
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