Amelia Mills
AM-19 Springtime.jpg
Resin and Acrylic on Board
30 x 30cm
Resin and Acrylic on Board
20 x 20cm
Country Green
Resin and Acrylic on Board
20 x 20cm
Up Above the World
Resin and Acrylic on Board
50 x 70cm
To see Amelia’s Resin and Acrylic paintings inspired by the ocean and aerial landscapes pop into the gallery, or get in touch and we will be happy to supply you with further images and details of all the current work.

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- Artist statement -

Amelia is an abstract artist based on the North Norfolk coast. Inspired by the ocean and aerial landscapes, she creates vibrant and dynamic paintings by pouring and manipulating artist resin mixed with acrylics onto handmade panels. Largely self-taught, she has spent many years developing and experimenting. Her unique style is gaining interest from collectors and art lovers around the world and in 2017 Amelia was commissioned by British Airways to create a painting for the water-themed front cover of their First-Class magazine.

Amelia views the natural world through an abstract filter; admiring the larger landscape but focusing more on the beauty of colours, textures, and patterns that catch her eye. She is endlessly fascinated by the organic shapes found in nature, whether microscopic complexities or wider aerial views. She is influenced by the ocean with its ever-changing and contrasting nature. When she’s in her studio she allows herself to become a conduit between the world around her and the canvas below; pouring paint and resin freely and spontaneously, mimicking the energy and flow of water, and reacting to the different colours and shapes as they appear before her.

She loves the feeling of bringing something into the world that didn't exist yesterday. Behind each painting is a detailed thought process, however she tries not to impose limitations, allowing spontaneity and creativity to flourish. She enjoys having an element of chance when she’s working; it allows a painting to evolve organically. For Amelia, painting is a form of meditation, with each piece of art encapsulating the energy and feeling she experienced during the process. As such, each painting is truly unique and cannot be replicated.

Amelia’s style and method of working is continually progressing, which she finds fulfilling and exciting! Ultimately, her art will always be her personal interpretation of the astonishingly beautiful planet that we inhabit, and her hope is that it can encourage others' appreciation and love of the natural world.
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