Anja Percival
Cafe Light IX
Etching | Edition of 25
Image Size 23 x 23cm
Flat/unmounted £180
Crystal Light VI
Etching | Edition of 50
Image Size 59 x 59
Flat/unmounted £400
Bridge III
Etching | Edition of 50
Image Size: 30 x 30cm
Flat/unmounted £180
Dusk Light V
Etching | Edition of 50
Image Size: 59 x 59cm
Flat/unmounted £400
Dusk Light VIII
Etching | Edition of 50
Image Size 20 x 20cm
Dusk Light IV
Etching | Proof Edition of 10
Image Size: 59 x 59cm
Flat/unmounted £400
Roof Light
Etching | Edition of 50
Image Size 40 x 39cm
Flat/unmounted £320
Sun Light
Etching | Edition of 50
Image Size: 30 x 30cm
Flat/unmounted £180
Night Light IV
Etching | Proof Edition of 9
Image Size 30 x 29cm
Flat/unmounted £180
Interior Light VII
Etching | Edition of 50
Image Size ** x **
Flat/unmounted £400
Window Light IX
Etching | Edition of 35
Image Size 20 x 20cm
Flat/unmounted £95
Urban Light III
Etching | Edition of 35
Image Size 8 x 8cm
Flat/unmounted £65
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- Artist statement -

Anja Percival is a printmaker and the majority of her work combines collagraph and etching techniques to build up multi-layered imagery with rich, textural surfaces. Her prints utilise both representational and abstract elements, to produce images that portrays her experience of the landscape.

She is fascinated by the different atmospheres that light creates in both our rural and urban environments.

During her recent stay in Denmark, she was hugely inspired by the new foreign surroundings. Her work progressed away from using the natural landscapes of the Cornish coastline, to be instead influenced by the more ‘urban’ scenery within which she lived. After a relocation back to Durham at the end of 2009, she is still very interested in depicting urban spaces that are infiltrated by different qualities of light. Whilst still using techniques that she was introduced to in Denmark, she is now incorporating locations closer to her home in England, and her current work draws on impressions from Durham Cathedral.

Her compositions aim to combine different moods of light, with contrasting space and surface qualities. She enjoys working with a variety of etching techniques, including aquatint, ‘soft’ ground, ‘white’ ground and burnishing, which result in subtle tonal differences within her imagery. She rarely starts with line, but instead focuses on the highlights within an image, and thus creates the composition by blocking out the areas that will remain light, instead of building up the image with dark line and shading.

Her work is a personal portrait of our landscape; it is influenced by how she sees the world around her, drawing upon her favourite elements from our rich visual existence.

Anja gives away a few secrets of her etching techniques in this video ... click here to watch.
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