Helena Ross
Coastal Sunset
Kiln Formed Glass
L 31.8 x W 10 x H 3.4cm
River Bank
Kiln Formed Glass
L 31.2 x W 10 x H 3.3cm
Sea Blue
Kiln Formed Glass
L 32.1 x W 10 x H 3.5cm
Wild Flower Garden
Kiln Formed Glass
L 30.4 x W 9.9 x H 3.2cm
Wild Meadow
Kiln Formed Glass
L 31.8 x W 9.7 x H 3.5cm
Sea Mist
Kiln Formed Glass
L 31.8 x W 9.7 x H 3.5cm
Knot Grey
Kiln Formed Glass
L 55.8 x W 16 x H 4.8cm
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- Artist statement -

Helena graduated from Swansea Institute in 2004 with a BA (Hons) degree in Architectural Glass. With an interest in graphic design and colour harmonies and contrasts, her large scale work used bold designs combined with
intricate detail. The joy of working with colour in stained glass inspired her to explore ways of achieving the same in smaller pieces of decorative kiln formed glass.

By studying the simple process of placing coloured objects next to each other in sequences, this led to her developing her novel “ColourWave” design technique that is used in her current work.

Helena explores the use of fine stripe textures to form larger scale drifts of colour. Using thin strands of coloured glass, she creates blends of colours that are varied continuously across the surface of the object. By restricting
the colour palette, smoothly-controlled colour transitions are generated even when using strong colour contrasts between adjacent elements. Objects that appear to have smooth colours from a distance show their true lively nature close up.

Helena believes in producing high quality designs and finish. To show off the colours at their best, Helena processes the glass surface to produce a fine matt finish. The edges are worked to make them smooth to the touch.
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