Throughout the Covid pandemic we have worked to help protect our customers,
particularly the most vulnerable, and ourselves as a small, independent business.

We’ve now taken the next step and committed to Independent Sage’s
Scores on the Doors
An Approach to Ventilation/Fresh Air Information,
Communication, and Certification
We know that COVID-19 travels through the air, spreading and collecting, especially
indoors, similar to cigarette smoke. This means that talking or simply breathing can
transmit COVID-19 to other people in the same space, and that busy, poorly-ventilated environments are among those with the highest risk.

The more steps we all take, the greater protection to ourselves and others, not only
from Covid but from other viruses that spread in the air too, such as colds and flu.

Therefore Gallery Plus commits to a Clean Air Policy and will:
If you own a business and would like to sign up to this brilliant initiative
drop us an email and we’ll put you in touch with the relevant person at Inde Sage.
 Learn more about Independent Sage’s Covid Scores on the Doors

Gallery Plus has also signed up to the Covid-19 Safety Pledge

With thanks to Independent Sage, Professor Elizabeth Stokoe (Loughborough University),
Dr Adam Squires (University of Bath), Professor Robert West (University College London),  
Professor Trish Greenhalgh (University of Oxford), Professor Stephen Reicher (University of St Andrews).
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Monitor CO2 and ensure the level remains under 800ppm

Keep the door and windows open, as the weather permits
Use HEPA filtration to ensure clean air of 14L per second per person whenever CO2 levels go above 600ppm

Ask all visitors to wear a face mask and keep their distance
Limit the number of visitors to 6
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