Ralph Shuttleworth
Coloured Gesture XI
Painted Steel and Wood
H18 x W22 x D8cm
Coloured Gesture VIII
Painted Steel and Wood
H29 x W12 x D12cm
Coloured Gesture X
Painted Steel on Recycled Plastic Base
H18 x W28 x D10cm
Coloured Gesture XIII
Painted Steel on Recycled Plastic Base
H32 x W12 x D10cm
Coloured Gesture XII
Painted Steel and Wood
H32 xW15 x D14cm
Coloured Gesture IX
Native Timber
H31 x W11 x D11cm
Large Cactus Gesture
Coloured Ash Wood on Turned Beech Base
H64 x W20 x D12cm
Coloured Gesture I
Painted Steel and Wood
H17 x W24 x D9cm
Small Warped Sculptures - Natural
Native Timber
H 13cm x Di 7cm | H 14cm x 9cm
L: SOLD | R: £90
Warped Bowl with Copper Patina
Native Timber
H 10cm x Di 26cm
Gesture III
Walnut and Brass on Ebonized Base
H42 x W22 x D21cm (apx)
Gesture II
Walnut and Brass on Ebonized Base
H42 x W22 x D21cm (apx)
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- Artist statement -

Ralph is a woodturning artist and sculptor, working with native timber to create sculptural pieces with intriguing textures and form.

His departure from traditional woodworking results in a contemporary style which uses techniques and processes rarely used on wood. Ralph’s work is a collaboration between natural processes and human involvement, in order to create sculptures with a clean yet organic feel.

The Warped collection focuses on the natural tension within a piece of wood and how it can influence the final form. Each piece is created from a single block of wood which has deep slots cut in on a lathe, to allow the wood to move during the lengthy drying process, as it transitions from a living tree to dry timber.

The balance between the wood's free movement and Ralph's intervention creates organic undulations, which express the structural tension within the wood, caused by its growth and drying process.
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